Turning Time into Money

This weekend I’m spending Friday night and 8 hours Saturday to work on a casual term at the local university.

My partner is leaving town for December and I have time off from my full time job, so I’ve been looking for a casual seasonal job at a bar or retail shop close to my house.

I’m slowly but surely trying to get into the side hustle business!

I wrote earlier about how it is much more challenging in non profit to work after hours or on the weekend because of the often emotionally draining work we do. I stand by this but I have been having some seriously relaxing (re: not busy) weekends and evenings lately. So for the short term I’m hoping to use this time to turn into money!

A coworker at my full-time job put me in contact with the university who occasionally needs casual workers for weekend work. Next weekend alone should pull in more than $200.

In December even if I get a minimum wage job for 20 hours a week I can add over $800 to my monthly salary. These two jobs alone would totally top up my travel goal of $1000 or put me even closer to my tuition goal.

I might be tired for the month of December, but I hope in the short term it will be worth it.

Here’s to attempting a side hustle!


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