For the first time in my working life, I have medical benefits!

I think I’m perhaps the only one at the office that has been so excited about this, but I do not care because I am so thankful that I have these very expensive, often essential, services now covered.

I spoke before at length about the non-profit salary realities and I alluded to the non-financial benefits we all get from working at a non profit.

Too often I believe people evaluate a job offer or position based on the straight salary, hours and title. Perhaps it’s a little out of young workers frame of mind, but things like prescription, dental, paramedical, disability and life insurance benefits are actually things that add thousands of dollars to your pocket and immeasurable benefit to your health and well-being.

As I just completed my 3 month probation period (yay!) my benefits kicked in November 6th. You better believe I was at the dentist on the 7th (for the first time in 4 years. . . .).

That appointment alone would have cost me $513, but with this insurance I didn’t pay a cent.

My benefits broadly include

  • $1500 a year to dental
  • $500 each for chiro, therapy, massage and physio
  • 100% prescription coverage
  • Pretty great life insurance and long term disability.

 Just taking the first three benefits into consideration add about $3000/year to my pocket. This translates to $250 a month more!

These benefits are also in line with the calendar year, so I actually get more than that since I have the full amount to use until December and it starts back at zero in the new year.

I’m sure I don’t have the most impressive insurance plan.  I am talking about this in detail today to underline how important benefits are in terms of your personal finance. Please consider benefits as huge financial incentives when applying for new jobs or transitioning into a new role. If you are in a position with benefits, take the time to read over the plan to find out exactly what is covered. Many people do not remember that counselling, therapy and social work time is often covered as well. Medical benefits include mental health folks!

I won’t even get into the huge role extended health care plays into individual feelings of security and well-being- the bottom line is that health care benefits is money in your pocket that greatly improves your life!


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