November 2013 Monthly Budget

November monthly budget!

Perhaps a bit of holiday shopping, otherwise it hopefully will be a normal month absent of big time payments. I hope this will be the first month of regular, settled in the city, costs!

I do like trying out budgets for 3 months at a time, after November I may re-evaluate the split for my savings vs. debt repayment but so far I think this is working well.

No clothes October worked really well, so I put it back on cautiously. I’m certainly more of a black or white person when it comes to budgets, but I do really want some tall boots. Hopefully I can make this wait until Boxing Day, but let’s just see how this month goes first.

  Nov predicted Nov Actual
Rent 850  
Utilities 30  
transportation 60  
health insurance 25  
phone 40  
groceries/personal care 200  
restaurant 85  
clothes 50  
gifts 100  
entertainment 150  
bank fees 15  
savings 600  
debt repayment 400  
Retirement 50  
 Education 100

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