End of Month: October 2013


I think this month was pretty great. My October challenge was to not buy any clothes and- I did it!

Way easier to totally avoid it, although I am certainly thinking about some boots for the Fall.

This is how the month panned out:

  Oct predicted Oct Actual Leftover  Why?
Rent 750 935.5  -185.5 My bigger half of rent, plus household items
Utilities 30 63  -33  both halves
transportation 60 179.7  -119.7 drivers license, car2go registration, rental gas
health insurance 25   25  
phone 40 39    
groceries/personal care 250 143.4  +106.7  
restaurant 85 75.12  +9.88  
clothes 0      
entertainment 150 129.82    
bank fees 15  15    
savings 500 657   birthday money
debt repayment 600 403.52    
emergency fund 100 100    
retirement 50 50    
spent 2655 2791
Income 3004  3004    
Difference    213    

Over Budget

Rent: This looks huge, but its because I paid very little towards the household food last month. Also I got an iron, bike pump and two bed side lamps all for under $80.

Utilities: I paid for it in full this month, and it is back to the full price.

Net worth Change:

Oct Net Worth: -12111.37

Current Net Worth: -12010.94 

Difference: +100.43, or 0.82%. Better than nothing I guess!!

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014- I have 13.7% of it already!

2. Boost Emergency Fund to $3500– Done and holding steady!

3. Put at least $400 a month to student loan- So far so good.

Personal Goals

1. Apply to PhD Masters programs and medical school for Sept 2014- Submitted my application! 

2. Get out and meet people in my new city- try a new activity at least once a week-Absolutely spent more money doing great fun, social things instead of clothes! I went on an amazing weekend trip and hike with my partner to Cochrane, had a lovely Thanksgiving with my coworker and friends, had a little birthday bar celebration and went to a hilarious Halloween party ! Making new friends is steady but positive!

3. Plan an vacation with my partner outside of Canada (California? Turkey? Hawaii?)- Still a dream. Thinking of starting to contribute to this fund once I have at least $1000 in the tuition goal.


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