Why I Work in Non Profit

I’ve been working for 11 years now, three of them full-time, and aside from a high school stint at a sports store, I’ve never worked at a for-profit job.

I’ve worked at universities, hospitals, and multiple non-profit organizations across the country- and I’ve got the debt to show it!

Working in a non-profit is certainly not the most lucrative position to be in. There are challenges like no other. I have this blog to discuss the realities of the financial part of working in a non-profit while being careful not to sound overly burnt-outĀ sarcastic.

So why do I do it?

I work at a non-profit because

  • I get to help give people information so they can make healthy choices with their lives
  • I am able to offer free services to people at times where they feel there is no where else to go
  • People trust me to tell me their most scary secrets- I get to tell them that it’s not so scary after all
  • People often thank me sincerely, even when I give them bad news
  • I get to regularly discuss sex and sexuality with strangers
  • I get to push my coworkers and learn from my coworkers constantly because we are not in competition with each other to outsell or outperform each other
  • I don’t get raises, but I do get hand written thank you cards and notes
  • I get to introduce students and volunteers into the world of social justice and social services
  • I get to practice some of the hardest skills humans need: compassion, understanding, listening and non-judgement
  • I sincerely learn something every day
  • My boundaries and biases are constantly stretched and pushed to be more inclusive, approachable and informed
  • I gain lots of serious diverse work skills- website redevelopment, counselling, patient intake, health educator, resource manager, media watcher, condom dispenser, volunteer and student supervisor, payroll and countless more just in one job!

Why do you do your job?


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