October 2013 Monthly Budget

October – let’s try this budget thing again with a new month!

I feel crummy about all the money I spent on clothes last month so I’m going to attempt a real challenge: No clothes buying in October!

Normally this would not be so hard, but October is my birth month so I often go a bit spendy on myself. This, like all things, can change right?

October Budget:

  Oct predicted Oct Actual
Rent 850  
Utilities 30  
transportation 60  
health insurance 25  
phone 40  
groceries/personal care 250  
restaurant 85  
clothes 0  
entertainment 150  
bank fees 15  
savings 500  
debt repayment 600  
emergency fund 50  
retirement 50  

I do like the accountability and flexibility of a monthly budget. It is a good time frame to see results, but not so long that your motivation is derailed after a financial misstep. I’m back on the budget bandwagon for October!

I want to make a point this month to spend excess money in the pursuit of new friends, activities or memories, and not consumable personal things like snacks or clothes.

Let’s see how it goes!


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