Change Up

Personal Finance is sometimes much more personal than finance!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my money goals this week and instead of continuing to let them keep me up at night I made a new plan.

I changed my goals around.

My implied priority was to stock my emergency fund, plan for school, then pay back debt.

Now they are my actual goals!

I adjusted my emergency fund goal, and have now met it- yay! I’m unsure why Spendy September made me so anxious about money, but it did.

My emergency fund is great. It is not as great as a $4500 emergency fund would have been, but I think my anxiety was coming from feeling like my budget is overextended.

I had always considered my emergency fund to be used as a potential school fund, but it should not be- it should be my just in case fund. As it stands right now, I have no car, no dependents and a decent job so I think this amount of money is very fair. It would be enough if I had to travel across the country, put down first and last month’s rent and get through one month- or three months of scaled back spending.

It’s also very easy to adjust and change, so this is my change for this month. I want to see how it feels and go from there.

Huzzah for dynamic budgets!

How often do you revisit your financial goals?


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