End of Month: September 2013


First month of the blog and first month with a full pay cheque.

I think I did alright, but absolutely could have avoided some boredom/impulse clothes purchases.

I must also mention how much information and inspiration I’ve taken from Give Me Back My Five Bucks. This was the first personal finance blog I started reading regularly and I look up to her a a lot for all the awesome financial milestone’s she’s accomplished (and written about)- check her out!

Her monthly budgets have inspired my own:

  Sept predicted Sept actual  Difference  Why?
Rent 750 750 0  
Utilities 30 41.95 -11.95 Paid for both halves
Public transit 45 129 -84 bike, bike lock and one taxi ride
health insurance 25      
phone 40 40 0  
groceries/personal care 250 210.57 39.43  
restaurant 100 45.89 54.11  
clothes 75 161 -86  
education 0 150 -150 med application fee
entertainment 150 74 76  
gifts   68 -68 insurance
bank fees 15  15    
savings 500 500 0  
debt repayment 600 440  160  
emergency fund 100 100 0  
retirement 50 50  
Income  2754      
Difference      -70.41  

Over Budget:

Utilities: I paid for it in full this month, but we still have a discount so it was not that much more.

Transportation: I bought a used bike, a lock, 5 bus tickets and one taxi ride, so for all of that I think it was pretty good.

Clothes: Oh monkey. At first I was doing great, but then I was bitten by an insecurity bug and went shopping to help myself feel/look more trendy. I ended up buying 2 t shirts, 2 shoes, a dress shirt for work, a dress shirt for going out, a nice camisole and a chambray shirt for $150, so again not bad at all. Just totally unnecessary and not in my budget.

Education: I forgot about putting this in my budget. I submitted and paid for my medical school application. WOOO/terrified. I’ll put those emotions away until at least January.

Insurance: I got a gift and wanted to get it insured.

Net worth Change:

Sept Net Worth: -12725.76

Current Net Worth: -12111.37

Difference: +614.39 or 4.8%

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014- I have 10% of it already!

2. Boost Emergency Fund to $4500- Steadily putting $100/month

3. Put at least $400 a month to student loan- So far so good.

Personal Goals

1. Apply to PhD Masters programs and medical school for Sept 2014- I emailed 7 profs and met with three so far. I did a lot of research and talking and I think a PhD is not for me at this time, but I am actively pursuing profs for a MSc now. I submitted and paid for my medical application so we will just see what happens!

2. Get out and meet people in my new city- try a new activity at least once a week- I think I did great! I tried a running club, women’s comedy class and brunch with strangers. I’m getting out there slowly but surely. I do want to put more of my excess spending into activities and meeting people instead of clothes. 

3. Plan an vacation with my partner outside of Canada (California? Turkey? Hawaii?)- I saw that a round-trip ticket to LA is less than $400 so I’m very tempted. No real plans but awesome dreams so far. 


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