How to work hard and make less money

Be a lady and work in non-profit!

The HR Council of Canada states that there is over 1.2 million people working in non profits in the country, approximately 7% of the workforce.  This small sector however, is dominated by lady parts:

76% of these workers are women, compared to only 47% of Canada’s overall workforce. 

Everyone will agree that people do not work in a non-profit to make lots of money. Dan Pallotta, as I mentioned earlier is starting to raise the question about the role of overhead and compensation in success of non profits in retaining staff and actually meeting their social justice goals.

On the topic of wages in non-profit is the hidden secret of a persistent wage gap.

In the US and Canada there exists a wage gap between women and men working, in all jobs, period. Non profit work is not immune.

  • GuideStar’s annual (American) Nonprofit Compensation Report sstated that female CEOs are paid 9% less than men at organizations with budgets not exceeding $250,000.
  • But this gap only increases: with organizations operating with $5-1 million dollars, the disparity is a 21% percent lower compensation
  • With young non-profit workers this gap is also present, with 26% of men earning at least $50,000, compared with 15% of women.
  • Perhaps not surprisingly, women were more likely to be dissatisfied with their pay—42 percent versus 33 percent of men.
  • In Canada the gender wage gap exists, but some say it is decreasing

This gender gap is important not only in drawing attention to the fact that the wage gap still exists; but how these non-profit workers, most often women, manage personal finance, debt repayment and student loans on a wage that is statistically 75% of the already poor wage her male coworkers are earning. 


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