Welcome and Hello


I’m a twenty-something Canadian female university grad (twice over) who is living in the big city, dealing with big debt, even bigger dreams, all on a non-for-profit salary.

I started thinking more seriously about money on Halloweeen 2012 as I was informed that my OSAP (student loan in Ontario) was defaulting. That moment I was less than a year out of school, working full time in an NGO making less than $22,000 a year, had two maxed out credit cards and a $20,000 student loan to face.

Something had to change. I was just 24 and I did not want to ever feel that heart stopping, out of control, how-in-the-hell-am-I-going-to-pay-for-my-life feeling again.

It is now over 10 months and I think I’ve done a lot of work to make sense of money and understand some important personal finance basics.

 Please do not consider any of my comments or posts to be prescriptive in nature. What has worked for me might not work for your life. I encourage you to share your positive or constructive comments so we can continue to share and learn with each other. 


I’m not an expert, a trained personal finance professional or even an all too prosperous gal, but I want to share what I’ve learned and what I’m continuing to learn about leaving within your means, getting your debt in check, building some savings- all while working at a non-for-profit.  


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