September 2013 Budget

I just started a new job, in a new city and province, and my do big cities have so many temptations !

I love being so close to cute indie cafes, grocery stores and hipster bars, but I need to find a balance between getting out in this new city and keeping my budget in line.

Here is my goal budget for September 2013

  Sept predicted Sept actual
Rent 750  
Internet 30  
Transportation 45  
Health insurance 25  
Phone 40  
Groceries/Personal Care 250  
Restaurants 100  
Clothes 75  
Entertainment 150  
Bank fees 15  
Savings 500  
Debt repayment 600  
Emergency fund 100  
Retirement 50  

This will be my first full month working and getting a full pay at this job, so I’m trying to be cautious but realistic about extras like going out.

I split rent, internet and food with my partner. I take a little more than half of the rent since I’m working, but we split the internet and food in half.

I’m still unsure about my debt repayment. I’m thinking seriously about going back to school but am not sure what the scholarship/loan situation will be. In the coming months I hope to find a balance between putting serious money on my current student loan and saving so I don’t accrue another massive one!


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